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Chasing Love and Sunsets | Codey-Jay and Patrick's Post-Wedding Trip to Bali's Natural Haven

In a world filled with warmth and sunshine, Codey-Jay and Patrick are a perfect couple from New Zealand, embarked on a beautiful post-wedding photoshoot in Bali. A week after celebrating their wedding ceremony in their home country, they set their sights on Bali's enchanting beauty. With their wedding attire packed, they ventured to Bali's natural havens for an unforgettable post-wedding journey. New Zealand is one of the top countries on my bucket list to visit. Hello, adventurous couples! I challenge you to take me on a photoshoot adventure there. Let's capture unforgettable moments amid the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand.

The photoshoot began under clear skies, with the sun's gentle embrace painting the day in a golden hue. From the magnificent Blangsinga Waterfall to the serene Canggu rice terraces. The highlight of their journey came as the sun began to set, casting a captivating glow over Nyanyi Beach. The mesmerizing sunset served as a poetic backdrop, immortalizing their love in a series of unforgettable moments.

As their photographer, I felt a sense of pride and honor to capture the love and joy shared by Codey-Jay and Patrick during their post-wedding photoshoot. Chasing love and sunsets, Codey-Jay and Patrick's post-wedding trip to Bali showcased the beauty of love and the allure of nature's wonders. As they return to New Zealand, their photographs will be a treasure trove of memories, reminding them of the magical journey they shared in Bali's natural haven.

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