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An Enchanting Wedding of Adelle & George's Special Day in Villa Semarapura Bali

When Adelle and George decided to celebrate their love, they chose Villa Semarapura in Bali as their wedding destination. This enchanting location, with its tropical beauty and serene atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories. Me and my team had the privilege of capturing this special day in a documentary style, preserving every candid moment and genuine emotion. The couple, friends and family flew in from Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia, adding an international flair to the celebration. The blend of cultures was beautifully highlighted through traditional Samoan dances, the Haka which were performed multiple times. These dances looked very energetic, magical, and beautiful. These performances were not only energetic and captivating but also a touching tribute to the couple's heritage. As we documented the day, it was evident how much love and effort had gone into every detail of the wedding. From the smiles, laughter, t
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Banyuwangi Bliss | A Family Photo Adventure

Thrilled to be the Agus family's photographer, I documented their unforgettable family photo adventure from Bali to Banyuwangi. Witnessing their laughter, wonder, and unspoken love, I captured the essence of their journey, transforming their Banyuwangi bliss into timeless memories.  Throughout our adventure, I captured candid moments of shared laughter, expressions of wonder, and the unspoken love that flowed between them. These photographs are a testament to the strength of their family connection and a reminder of the precious moments that make life truly special. Banyuwangi unfolded before us like a vast canvas, each landscape a brushstroke painting a masterpiece of memories. This is the nth time I've had the pleasure of documenting the Agus family's vacation with his wife and three children. Time flies by, and it's been a joy to witness their children grow up. Through my lens, I captured the essence of this hidden gem, preserving the Agus family's Banyuwangi bli

Flora Babymoon Photoshoot in Conrad Bali

Flora and her husband visiting from Singapore, spent a week at Conrad Bali for their babymoon. Their Bali maternity photoshoot, held in the late afternoon and during sunset, captured the magic of their journey. In the lush gardens, Flora wore a light blue floral dress and her husband donned a white shirt and shorts. The soft light highlighted their joy and the vibrant surroundings. As the sun set, they moved to the beach where Flora changed into a white bikini.  The photoshoot was filled with joy and excitement. Flora's husband even offered tips to me, expressing their gratitude, really appreciated. The stunning images from this Bali babymoon photography session beautifully capture their anticipation and happiness. By the time this blog is posted, their baby might have already arrived. We hope to see Flora and her family for their next session, a family photoshoot. For expectant mothers, a babymoon photoshoot promises a truly magical experience. 

Ryan & Rebecca's Unforgettable Marriage Proposal in Oberoi Lombok

Prior to their journey to Australia, New Zealand to see his family and finally LA, Ryan reached out to me all the way from the UK. He shared his heartfelt desire to propose to his beloved Rebecca during their week-long stay in Lombok. Ryan was determined to make this moment truly special for the love of his life. Witnessing Ryan and Rebecca's marriage proposal at Oberoi Lombok was truly a breathtaking experience. Despite my initial worries about the unpredictable weather patterns in Lombok, with scorching mornings transforming into cloudy, rainy evenings, the evening of their proposal was nothing short of magical. As the clouds gathered and raindrops started to fall during our photoshoot, I feared the worst. However, nature seemed to align with the couple's love story, granting us a momentary reprieve from the downpour. In that fleeting window of opportunity, I was able to capture the sheer joy and emotion of Ryan and Rebecca's special moment. Their love shone through the o

Joko & Maryani: Sesi Foto Romantis Memperingati 25th Pernikahan di Bali

Pasangan Joko dan Maryani telah menapaki perjalanan cinta selama 25 tahun, mereka memutuskan untuk merayakan momen istimewa ini dengan melakukan petualangan tak terlupakan di Bali. Datang dari Bandung, mereka mengisi hari spesial mereka dengan melakukan sesi foto yang penuh makna, menjelajah tempat-tempat cantik di Bali. Pagi yang masih gelap di Denpasar menjadi awal perjalanan kami menuju Kintamani. Menahan sedikit kantuk dan bangun subuh agar dapat mengabadikan kecantikan sunrise di Black Lava Kintamani. Pemandangan matahari terbit yang memukau di antara gunung dan danau membuat momen tersebut terasa begitu magis dan romantis bagi pasangan ini. Setelah menikmati keindahan alam di Kintamani, perjalanan berlanjut ke kebun jeruk. Sensasi menyentuh dan mencium aroma segar jeruk langsung dari kebun semoga menjadi pengalaman yang tak terlupakan bagi mereka berdua. Kemudian kami bersenang-senang di kebun bunga gumitir. Di tengah keindahan bunga-bunga yang mekar dengan warna kuning dan jingg

Capturing Precious Moments: Reina's Maternity Photoshoot in Tegallalang

Embracing the serenity of nature, Reina and her husband, radiating with joy, ventured into the verdant expanse of Tegallalang. Against the backdrop of rice terrace greenery, every snapshot encapsulated the essence of their love, the anticipation of parenthood, and the profound connection with the earth. Each photograph told a story of hope, new beginnings, and the timeless beauty of life unfolding amidst nature's embrace. From the serene tranquility of the Tegallalang Rice Terraces to the bustling streets of Ubud, every moment of Reina and her husband's babymoon adventure was imbued with love, joy, and the magic of Bali's breathtaking landscapes. As they basked in the gentle embrace of the tropical sun and the hospitality of the Balinese people, they forged memories to cherish for a lifetime, marking this chapter of their journey into parenthood with beauty, serenity, and boundless love. In the midst of Singapore's hustle and bustle, Reina and her husband found solace a

Saad & Aisah's Romantic Sunset Honeymoon Photoshoot at Sofitel Nusa Dua

I had the pleasure of capturing Saad and Aisah's blissful romantic honeymoon moments at the breathtaking Sofitel Nusa Dua. As my first clients from Kuwait, this lovely couple embraced the radiant weather and the enchanting sunset for a photoshoot that radiated love. We explored the vibrant hues of their love story against the luxurious backdrop. Saad and Aisah, a charming couple from Kuwait, incredibly cooperative and easygoing during the entire photoshoot. With just the hotel surroundings as our canvas, we shared laughter and created memories that mirrored the warmth of the sunset. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them that evening, and it was heartening to see their genuine joy reflected in the final images. This sunset photoshoot became more than just a session; it unfolded into a beautiful chapter of Saad and Aisah's honeymoon, filled with love, simplicity, and the magic of the moment.