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Sesi Foto Romantis Post-Wedding Vivi & Herman di Bali

Sesi foto post-wedding Vivi & Herman ini adalah bagian dari sesi foto keluarga Djap yang mereka lakukan dihari yang sama di Pitaloka Sanur dan Pantai Melasti Ungasan, Bali. Karena saking banyaknya foto-foto keluarga mereka yang saya hasilkan maka saya pos jadi dua bagian. Jika tertarik melihat sesi foto keluarga mereka bisa dilihat disini .  Sesi foto Keluarga Djap adalah salah satu sesi foto keluarga terfavorit saya, menyenangkan sekali bisa mengabadikan liburan mereka di Bali.
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Elyssia Pregnancy | Gorgeous Beach Maternity Photoshoot in Bali

Elyssia flew from California to have a babymoon  for more than a week in Bali, refreshing body and mind with Jabba, the beloved husband before their baby girl will born to the world. A baby girl that they'd been expecting for all of these times since all of their siblings' children were all boys!  During this holiday, Elyssia spared some time for a maternity photoshoot at Gunung Payung Beach in that one drizzling morning, she looked so sophisticated. Her pregnancy was on the seventh month, and her baby bump looked perfect, very lovely for the photoshoot. The white dress she was wearing, flared as the ocean breeze blew. A stunning mommy to be!   She was glowing, although it was cloudy during photoshoot, but still this was gorgeous beach maternity photoshoot in Bali. What made me happy was that they didn't mind about the gloomy weather at all. At the end of the photo session Elyssia even gave me some tips! How nice of her! I guess I am very lucky to have met lovely clients as

Paul & Sharon | Romantic Sunset Prewedding Shoot in Bali

It was so romantic that Paul proposed to Sharon during their holiday on Bali Island, for that Sharon decided to have a prewedding photo shoot to complete their moment of happiness. It was a sudden call for me, fortunately I was available on the day that Sharon requested.  We managed to take some shots at the W Hotel, where they were staying, then we headed to the Canggu rice fields area and ended up at Nyanyi Beach to get that day's sunset that was so pretty. Romantic sunset prewedding shoot in Bali is a complete romanticism in Bali.  After the photo shoot was done we went on our motorbikes to have dinner at Warung Jro Kawan Munggu for babi guling. This Australian couple had never eaten suckling pig, so they had planned to have it for the first time while they were here, and yup they really enjoyed it. Congratulations guys! It was a pleasure to witness and be a part of your happiness in Bali. They were officially engaged now, I wonder now would I get a call for their wedding? ;)

Sidek Family | Memorable Vacation Photoshoot in Bali

A memorable family vacation photoshoot in Bali, lots of fun, candid, lovely and cheerful photosession that Sidek Family would cherish forever. In the beginning Dila was interested to document her big family's vacation photoshoot in Bali for a full day, however the Sidek Family finally decided to capture their family photosession only for a half day. In the morning I took some photoshoots at their villa in Canggu, then in the afternoon we headed  out to the rice fields that towards the Nyanyi Beach for sunset. You couldn't  really predict the weather in Bali, some minutes it could rain and few minutes later popped out to sunny bright. Lucky enough that that the photoshoot that day went well. It got a little cloudy and some drizzling rain but later in the afternoon it was sunny until the end of the photo session and finally we got the gorgeous sunset!  Seeing and reading satisfied comments from clients about their photos are so exciting, more exciting than "the due payment h

PreWedding Ani & Dana | Mesmerizing Adventurous Engagement Photoshoot Lombok

I had been taking prewedding or holiday photoshoots of clients more than a few times in Mataram, Lombok but this time it was very special, it was for my very own dear sister Ani and her fiancĂ© Dana. They spared their three days to do adventurous prewedding photo session with me, exploring the nature beauty of Lombok from the phenomenal sunset of Senggigi, the beauty of giant sky-scraping trees in Pringgabaya, the cool breeze of Merese Hill, the wilderness of Bangkang Prabu Cave, to the lovely and the serene sunset of Selong Belanak Beach. That my friend, was the amazing Lombok Island!  I admired this lovely couple, willing to wake up by dawn for make-up and catching the sunrise, with no complaining and the reward was worth it got the stunning nature landscape of Lombok Island captured. We did the mesmerizing adventurous engagement photoshoot in Lombok. Next is your turn! Yes Yours! I'd be very happy if you took me to the beautiful places you've been dreaming of, to create the m

Romeo's Wild One | 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Paula and Daniel were the couple of different countries who lived in Singapore, they celebrated their first child Romeo at Montigo Resort Seminyak Bali, with a party theme of "Romeo's wild one', it was one of a kind party!  The cake smash celebration was a success Romeo ruined his birthday cake, it was smudged all over the place. The birthday party photographs as well as a mini family photo session we made, we did the family photo session first around the resort and Seminyak beach with his grandparents. A very hot sunny day it was, yet the little Romeo seemed happy and always laughing, he didn't seem tired or uncomfortable at all until the end of the photo session he was still cheerful. As if he knew that everyone was here to celebrate his birthday, a lovely and cute boy Romeo. A few days later, photo teasers were uploaded on our Instagram and Paula was very pleased with the results, along with the files that we sent them. Daniel and Paula were very satisfied with the

Foto Liburan Keluarga Lydra di Intercontinental Bali Resort

Senang sekali akhirnya bisa memotret liburan Keluarga Lydra di Intercontinental Bali Resort, terakhir saya mengabadikan foto liburan Ibu Carla dengan anak perempuan dan anjing-anjing kesayangan mereka sekitar tahun 2020 di Canggu, silakan lihat disini . Kali ini hanya mereka berempat tanpa anjing-anjing tersayang. Namun tidak mengurangi keseruan sesi foto pada pagi itu. Saking serunya, dua jam sesi rasanya belum puas buat saya, tahu tahu waktunya sudah habis, hehehe... Pak Billy sangat membantu membuat suasana sesi foto pagi itu menjadi sangat menyenangkan, saya termudahkan olehnya, beliau suka bercanda disela-sela pengambilan gambar yang akhirnya sangat membantu saya mendapatkan beberapa moment foto candid.