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Sandy's Maternity Photoshoot in Royal Pita Maha Ubud

I was very happy to hear news from Fadli that his wife Shandy was expecting and especially knowing that she was expecting twin! In November 2016 I took their prewedding photoshoots in Turkey, and I captured their wedding moments at Segara Village Sanur and now their maternity/babymoon photo shoot at Royal Pita Maha Ubud.

Early morning I hit a full throttle leaving from Karangasem to Ubud, considering the roads were quiet cause it was during the pandemic, and when I got to the hotel, it was also quiet, could not see too many guests around. I'd always loved taking photos at this hotel, it had cool vibe and peaceful, I think it was one of the best hotels in Bali. A great choice for babymoon, away from the hustle bustle of the world.

Time flies when you're enjoying taking photos! With just a blink of an eye you find the sun is high. After the photoshoot we decided to stop at Taman Dedari restaurant, which was still a part of the hotel area and it was pretty crowded with customers, one of the reasons was probably because it was a viral spot on social medias. I nodded right away when they took me for lunch at Birds Nest, a Thai restaurant not far from the hotel. We had lots of catching up to do since we didn't see each other for a long time we talked about anything everything until afternoon. We really did enjoy ourselves. 

This was about their first maternity photo session, the second one would be posted separately. Hope you enjoy them! 

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