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The Most Beautiful Places for Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful islands that belongs to Indonesia, it's a small island a part of Bali region. Almost every corner has unique and beautiful spots. You will never find another island as beautiful as Diamond Beach with its phenomenal coral cliff staircase, the landscape as unique as Kelingking Beach, and treehouse with the outstanding ocean and steep coral view. Here are the eleven most beautiful places for prewedding/engagement photoshoot in Nusa Penida. 

1. Molenteng Treehouse.
Rumah Pohon Molenteng, if you are a morning person and love watching the sunrise, you have got to come to this place to get the best sunrise view in Nusa Penida. Fee to have a photo session here is 25k Rupiahs per person for 5 minute duration. 

2. Raja Lima
It only takes a few steps away from the Treehouse spot, you will find this absolutely cool view. The name given to this spot Raja Lima, reminds us to Raja Empat Papua, although it is not as epic, this place is absolutely worth visiting.

3. Diamond Beach
When you're done with the sunrise view and ready to move forward, come to Diamond Beach. It takes only about a couple of minutes from the Treehouse, your eyes will be delighted with this spectacular, unique yet beautiful and like no other view. 
My suggestion for couples who want to have pre-wedding/engagement photo session, wear something casual, avoid the too fancy gown considering the narrow staircase there. On the lower spot, you will find a swing that gives another perspective that is no less amazing than the one on the top. For pre-wedding couples who love adventure, this place is for you! 

4. Atuh Beach
On the way down to the beach, you will sometimes see some group of cheeky monkeys that love to spread their charm, and worry not, they will not disturb you. What interesting here is the small coral that is right on the shore. After you're done with the coral background, you can explore within the area and find other things you can take as photo spots.

5. Teletubbies Hill
Let's carry on ! Okay, we have visited Pantai Diamond and Treehouse, let's drop by the Teletabis Hill! There are so many interesting spots here resulting interesting and different photo session from other photographer fellows you might know. 
Be creative! Photos with drone is highly recommend, but unfortunately it is not in my possession just yet. 

6. Panorama Hill
This location is close to Teletubbies Hill and not too many visitors exploring this place yet. It can be one of the interesting photo backgrounds. The blue ocean on the south east of Nusa Penida is spread as far as the eye can see and in the distance you can see the view of hills overlapping. 

7. Broken Beach
Another beach, yeahhh! Because Nusa Penida beaches are the champions, every one of it is unique like no other, especially Broken Beach. Maybe some clients are little bit tired by now, so during the lunch break, they might want to change their outfit and some touch-up while waiting the sun soften a little bit. At Broken Beach there are several interesting backgrounds for your clients, such as a unique beach landscape with turquoise-navy blue gradation ocean waters, this my friend, is the cooler to your eyes. 

8. Angel’s Billabong 
It only takes a little walk from Broken Beach to the west you will reach Angel's Billabong, it is that close. Do your clients love to swim? I believe they would love to swim in this beautiful natural pool, but please note: NOT during the full moon time because the tide will be high. Come around by dark moon time, the water in the pool will be very pretty, clear and calm, because during this time it is guaranteed no high tide that will come into this natural pool. 

9. Crystal Bay
The best location to get the best sunset on this island. You can explore it from one end to another since the shoreline isn't too long. This beach used to be known as Pantai Nusa, today it is more popular with its new name Crystal Bay. 

10. Kelingking Beach
Kelingking has a unique landscape. I would suggest to bring wide lens under 35mm so you can cover the whole wide landscape of Kelingking Beach. I also suggest two day pre-wedding photo session to my clients when they want to explore all beautiful spots in Nusa Penida, because it is not enough if you only come and stay for a day. 

11. Paluang
It is on the east of Kelingking, Paluang is an interesting spot for pre-wedding shots. What interesting here is Paluang Temple that is very unique because there is a temple inside with the shape of a car! It reminds me of Back To The Future the legendary movie! 

There you have eleven most beautiful places for pre-wedding photo session in Nusa Penida. This blog will always be updated whenever I find new beautiful locations that are worth recommending to you guys! 
So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore Nusa Penida lovebirds. Explore the world with me, I would love to capture your beautiful moments and travel anywhere around the world with you!

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