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Panggabean Family | Holiday Photoshoot in Bali

The Panggabean Family Photo Session is my first family photo session during the pandemic time, that up until this blog is posted, the pandemic is yet to be over.

The Panggabean Family just made their very first road trip from Jakarta to Bali. Ibu Katherine, husband and their both beloved daughters spent their holiday for almost two weeks in Bali. A very nice family, Ibu Katherine sent a few clients for me, after she was very pleased with the photos I'd taken. How lucky I was to meet her, Good Karma. From the bottom of my heart I send my endless gratitude to her, because really, in the situation like this it means a lot to me. 

It was much pleasure to be able to take them to fun places in Bali that they haven't visited before. We went terraced paddy fields strolling, early in the morning in Ubud, when the air was still fresh and cool. It was a very unique experience for them since they hadn't been this close to the cows in the farmer's fields. They chatted away and played around at the beach til the sun came down and faded away. I hope they will always cherish this moment forever. May there will be another chance to see them again and capture their beautiful moment.

Bali is always in the hearts of who have stepped their feet on this land of the Gods. Who would not miss Bali at the moment? There are so many people miss their holidays in Bali. Hopefully this pandemic will be over soon so we can go back to as it used to be, chatting away without distance and masks. Yet until then, for our own good, we must keep our health protocol. Remember this new mantra: Physical Distancing! Use mask when you go out and always wash your hands frequently. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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