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Dog Lover Family Photoshoot in Coconut Galaxy Villas Bali

Photo session of dog lover family, this family went to Bali with their three beloved dogs. There's nothing more exciting, to this dog lover photographer, than taking pictures of a family along with their lovely dogs. We had so much fun!

After we did some shots at Coconut Galaxy, Villas the hotel they were staying at in Bali, we continued our fun time at Nyanyi Beach for the sunset photo session. The dogs, beach and sunset isn't it a combination full of fun! By the way, I forgot, a bottle of beer too of course. Unfortunately the warung (similar to a kiosk or small café) there didn't have any beer, they only had mineral water and soda drinks. Normally warungs in Bali are not that lame.

Peanut, Blecky & Dish were running around of excitement from one spot to another, as if they were travellers who had found the oasis in the middle of desert, they found their paradise. Who could catch those silly yet cute dogs? We just laughed and be happy. Carla made a promise that once this pandemic was over, she would come to Bali again for a family photo-session with the entire family. And not only to Bali, but also to Jogjakarta, Papua, Sumba or even to Japan. Wherever you travel anywhere around the world, I am ready to be your personal holiday photographer and capture your beautiful moments with your loved ones. I can't wait for those moments!

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