Ayu Maternity Photoshoot in Karangasem

July the first, their first child was born, it was a girl! It was two days after we did their maternity  photo session at Danau Yeh Malet to get the sunrise then the photo shoot continued to the second location tribal village of Tenganan, wearing the traditional outfit of the village. The woven fabric Geringsing, so they called it, it was traditionally made, with natural coloring and authentic motives. 

A year ago I did a pre-wedding photoshoots for Kadek and Ayu, covered with Balinese traditional outfits and now they returned with belly bump! Yes, she was over eight month pregnant. So, the maternity photo shoot was taken! Completed with three outfits and two locations around Karangasem areas. Will they return for family photo session? We shall see.