The Garrod Family | Beach Lovers

I really love photo shoots of small families because they will make more fun and intimate pictures. It's easier for me to conduct every moment that's captured on image frame by frame. Yet it doesn't mean that photo sessions with larger family members will not make good pictures but if you don't direct it well the concentration will break,  considering my photo approach more into candid shots. More intimate snapshots.

Just like the Garrod family from Australia, how exciting photo session it was that day! Bianca was so excited when I gave her some balloons, while Rossa seemed to hesitate for a second to hold the balloons. They were so cute and the excitement gotten more exciting as I took them to Seminyak Beach.  They were hypnotized by the waves and the sand, bathing, sitting still waiting for the waves rush the seashore. They got all wet and covered with sand!  So much fun!
Family, beach and the sun are paradise!