Kim + Hyuna | Hanging Garden of Bali | Ubud Prewedding

Another client from South Korea. If the previous couple had their honeymoon, this time this Korean couple did a honeymoon photoshoot session in Ubud, Bali. Photo session was not only located at Hangin Garden of Bali, I also took them to explore the beautiful Bali nature. Strolling the beautiful rice fields in Canggu with its exotic beach, running on the seashore with waves lapping at their feet, and feel breeze, which was quite strong that day.

Today was cloudy all day, it drizzled a little bit and there was no sunset we could capture on the photos,that normally existed at every end of the photoshoot I made. But, that didn't make this couple stop smiling and they were amazed by the Bali nature and keep saying "gamsahabnida" over and over again to me and the crew. What a day! Thank you God, the photo session went well.