Artana + Ayuk | Bali Prewedding

To get different results yet beautiful prewedding/engagement photos, I asked them to get up by the dawn to see the beauty of sunrise at Batur, Kintamani. Yet unluckily they came late from the schedule, but photo session must go on! All day we went traveling all around Bali, from Denpasar to Kintamani, and ended up at Canggu for sunset photo session.

Actually this was the day-two session, whereas the first one they did it at several locations with Balinese architecture in Denpasar. We had these locations to match the outfits they were wearing which was the traditional Balinese outfits. A week ago they held their Balinese wedding ceremony with Hindu matrimony rituals at the house of the groom in Tabanan. I really believe that they were a couple that completes one another. May they last forever.