Honeymoon Mudra + Pragnesh | Hanging Garden Ubud

Client : Mudra and Pragnesh Parmar
Location : Hanging Garden Ubud and Payangan Village
Honeymoon Destination : Bali, Indonesia

They are a couple from India. Pragnesh has written many times on his emails how he, especially his wife, they are very loved photography. This is the first time they come to Bali, an island that has been one of the favorite destinations for the honeymooners. Pragnesh has prepared a small surprise for his wife.

Beside the Hanging Garden area,I also take them to do photo session in the nearest village,taking a walk around the narrow roads among the houses of the villagers, sitting down somewhere in the Warung (Indonesian kind of small shop), stopping by at a village temple while watching children going around after finish school. I believe that these simple things can be unforgettable memories for this honeymooner. This definitely makes them happy.