The wedding of Marlina + Mael

Marlina is Malaysian and Mael is French, they were married at The Legian Hotel, Bali. While previously they had a dilemma in choosing a wedding photographer to immortalize them in Bali. Mael insisted chose me while Marlina hope with another photographer, but finally they chose me, Mael said considering my photo art style of wedding photojournalism that makes Mael use my services photography. 
He likes the style of photojournalism that I have. It's make me honored.
The ceremony was attended by no more than 25 invitations, Marlina looks very classy by wearing a white dress, while Mael looked dashing in a suit, it's not a royal wedding but it was incredible.
Not only perpetuate ceremoni their wedding but they also carry out post-wedding, two days after their wedding ceremony passed.

And photographs of their post-wedding I will post later. Meanwhile please watch some photos of their wedding ceremony, enjoy.