Pre Wedding Edo + Rini

Edo and Rini are a very able to work well together, very fun engagement photo session ... When me order to any kind pose they want to do it, I am very glad to be trusted by them. Edo is a Balinese but it has long been settled in Malang with his family, because that Edo and Rini decide to do the pre wedding (engagement) photo shoot in Bali and the wedding plans they will be done on the island of Bali too. That sounds very special, romantic and beautiful, is' not it my friend? 
A day with them in a car full of laughter, from one location to the other, never seemed tired, they're always smiling happily, very humble couple. 
And of the many photographer in Bali they decided to choose me, that's a distinct honor and pleasure for me. So when did you turn to perform pre wedding photo, engagement, wedding, honeymoon or family photos in Bali? I'll wait... :D