Sandy + Fadli Prewedding | Cappadocia Turkey Engagement Photography

As a photographer who loves all gender of photography, it is very easy for me to love Istanbul. The stunning landscape, unique culture, adorned and beautiful architectures are in every corner of the city. In this city also, my favorite street photographer Alex Webb has made brilliant artworks.

After a week seeing the glory of the past and the grandiose civilization in Istanbul, now it was time to explore Pamukkale, Cappadocia/Goreme. In Denizli province we only visited the Cleopatra thermal bath, the beautiful  Pamukkale calcium travertine/terraces, and Hierapolis building one of the sites of UNESCO world heritage center. You must visit these places when you are in Turkey.

In Cappadocia or Kapadokya in Turkish, we live in Goreme the heart of Cappadocia National Park. Goreme is a beautiful town with an unique landscape, it's mind blowing. Cappadocia cannot be separated from ceramics, carpets and hot air balloon. I was very lucky now I could see and get on the balloon just like what I saw on book covers or desktop wallpapers, hot air balloons flying everywhere in the sky by sunrise! It was awesome!

I wish I could go to Turkey every year, to know the people closer, experience all the seasons, bringing clients for holiday pictures. Turkey is a favorite destination for pre-wedding / engagement photography because its incredibly beautiful.