Pre wedding Sutama + Rosa

Their interest with the photos I started by their friend, a friend urged me to use my photography services, although in fact they've pocketed the names of many other photographers in Bali. They lay in photography, one day they asked to meet with me and asked a lot about the style of my photos are candid photos and photo journalism until finally they agreed to use my services as a photographer for pre wedding (engagement) photo session. In fact many great outdoor locations in Bali for the wear photo shoot, but eventually they decided to do it in the vicinity of Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Early morning photo session took place with Balinese traditional dress. and the second session they use casual clothing. Of course the last session on the beach, sunset in Bali is one of the special charms, Bali has a beautiful sunset for the capture into the happiness of their pre wedding photo session. Hopefully this engagement photo can give more happiness to them, amen.