Chung Family Vacation in Bali | Bali Snap Photography

Many of Korean families have been coming to Bali for a vacation since long time ago but just recently that I've been able to capture them. Maybe it's because the holiday photography has become a new trend.

Your holiday will never be perfect if you don't capture it onto traveling photos or videos. Not to mention if you are traveling with the people you love, family or best friends.

Like this little family that looks cheerful all the time, Chung Family spent their afternoon at W Hotel area where they were staying. They went strolling the coastline of Canggu Beach with their fruit of their love that was so excited seeing the beach.

Nicola + Daniel | Alila Villas Uluwatu Wedding | Bali Photography

It's been a while since I did wedding photo shots although Bali is famous as one of the most favorite wedding destinations. It is a dream and it has always been on the list for those couples to be able to get married in "Island of the Gods" Bali. I often have reservations for honeymoon, family photos and other holiday themes. I guess that's where my luck is although I'd like to explore more and shoot weddings and pre-weddings to many of world's favorite destinations. Which photographer that would not want that? This photography passion and traveling need to be merged! That's my dream!

Blue sky without clouds hanging, and wind blows bit stronger than usual, who can deny that Bali is always hot? I went to see Daniel and his troops by the pool, he was swimming with his buddies. Meanwhile Nikola was busy in bridesmaid's room at a villa. It was a lovely day to get married.

A very intimate and lovely wedding. That afternoon before the sun setting in the horizon on the top of the cliff with endless ocean in the background at an exotic villas called Alila Villas Uluwatu - Bali, Nikola and Daniel announce their wedding vows. To live together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to accept and complete each other. May their love last forever, amen.

Diong Family | Seminyak Beach Snapshot

It was very pleasant to take pictures of this small family from Singapore. This mini photo snap with Diong family felt so quick. Their holiday in Bali this was more memorable with their souvenirs of photo snap at Seminyak Beach.

It was adorable the little one, Lucas, the handsome and friendly boy. He loved to smile, laughed a lot when his parents teased and played with him. He made us laugh too, he loved playing in the water when little waves rushed in, but he almost ate the grains of sand when he sat in the sand. Lucas was the star that day until the energy ran out and it was calling for a break. He was still smiling when we said goodbye.

The sun was almost down, the breeze soothed the skin, the sky turned to gold, soon would be crimson. The sea water subsided, the sand was no longer warm, the crowd of people slowly disappeared, heading home, their home sweet home.

Kim + Pak's Honeymoon | Bali Holiday Photographer

Their eyes glanced, but much more staring at each other's eyes. Their laughter was so cheerful and sometimes laughing out free. Their fingers interlocked, holding each other's hand. Embrace each other, and so afraid of letting go, too restless when apart. They walked the steps in rhyme, once in a while their lips and noses met. The yearn that was kept and would grow stronger everyday. So much in love.

Keluarga Charles | Bali Family Snapshot

Sebagian besar klien saya yang melakukan sesi foto keluarga di Bali memilih sesi foto dilakukan di pantai, pantai-pantai di Bali memang cantik untuk dijadikan lokasi pengambilan gambar family snapshot terutama menjelang sunset, siapa yang bisa memungkiri keindahan matahari tenggelam di balik horizon pantai-pantai di Bali? Begitupun dengan sunrise-nya, selalu memesona.

Keluarga Charles yang datang dari Batam pun memilih Pantai Canggu untuk melakukan mini snap disaat liburan mereka di Bali dan tentu saja pemandangan matahari tenggelam sore itu memang indah. Liburan itu penting terlebih bersama dengan orang-orang yang anda cintai, karena saat-saat indah seperti ini selayaknya untuk diabadikan sebagai kenangan. Life is beautiful in Bali, capture your most memorable moments with me.