Yogyakarta Family Holiday Photo Session | The Bhargawa

As a photographer this was for the second time that I captured family holiday photo session in Yogyakarta. I often came  more as a traveller to this town. Jogja was renowned as friendly and always made you wanting to come back right after you left the town. Those who have had set their footsteps in Jogjakarta would agree with me. 
Their anthem music playlist had always been Yogyakarta by Kla Project and Sayidan by Shaggydog. 

For 5 days and 4 nights I'd been following Agus and Family on vacation in Jogja. During that time I was also learning that as a parent you must be super patient handling the children. What an incredible parents them two, Salute.

Intimate and Adventurous Couple Session in Yogyakarta | Agus + Sri

Yogyakarta will always give you great memories, no one will get bored with this city, at first Agus and Sri planned to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary with an intimate and adventurous photo session in Sumba. But, because of their children were on school vacation and wanted to come along too so they chose Jogja as their vacation destination with the whole family members.

Ten years it' been a lot  they've had gone through, love had strengthened their bond, yet their journey was still long. May they become stronger, closer, more loving, and happiness would always be theirs.

Pre Wedding Adat Bali Kadek & Ayu | Fotografer Ubud

It had been a while since my last shot of a Balinese pre wedding along with Balinese traditional outfit. This time this Balinese couple came with a simple modified Balinese outfit yet elegant. Saya suka pilihan busana mereka, mereka terlihat keren.

Sesi foto pre wedding di lakukan di Sangeh, salah satu tempat favorite para fotografer Denpasar dari sekian banyak lokasi yang menarik untuk dijadikan lokasi sesi foto dengan busana adat Bali. Pasangan dari Ubud ini akan melangsungkan pawiwahan atau pernikahan adat mereka pada pertengahan bulan September tahun ini. Selamat dan semoga langgeng Kadek dan Ayu.

Romantic Marriage Proposal in Bali | Arnold + Andrea

Bali has many beautiful romantic places to deliver your significant other a marriage proposal. This was for the first time I'd ever captured a marriage proposal by candid shots at Pesta Lobster Ayana Resort, a place that Ayana claimed to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Bali. 

Arnold proposed to Andrea as the sun was set at the horizon and they were on a private jetty. It was a beautiful and romantic afternoon. And as you probably have guessed, she said YES! Smile, tears of joy and all happiness were in coloring that sunny afternoon. 

This couple from Hong Kong planned to get married and have their wedding in Bali next year. Congratulations guys, wish you to be happy!

An Adventurous Couple Session in Bali | Ajay + Navi

Before doing an adventurous couple session in around Jimbaran with Ajay & Navi, I first had to spare a couple of hours to pick up this lovely Canadian honeymooners in Kuta area. Usually it only took half an hour drive in a normal traffic. A really busy month, although the national holiday season was over but Bali was still busy with  international tourists. It was the traffic jam that I wish I could change because it was not my favorite at all. 

These lovebirds requested the photo session to be taken at Jimbaran cliffs area. So, there I was having an adventure exploring the small and narrow paths to find cliff beach that was hidden in Jimbaran and not many people knew about it. Before it ended I took them to photographers' one of the most favorite beaches, Tegal Wangi beach, whereas that afternoon the tide was so high that it almost didn't spare any space for us to have a cozy session. Luckily, as the time rolling in the late afternoon the tide was little more friendly to us. I was relieved and they were happy, and as we left the beach we were so exhausted and feeling sleepy...what an exhausting day my friend.