Kim + Hyuna | Hanging Garden of Bali | Ubud Prewedding

Another client from South Korea. If the previous couple had their honeymoon, this time this Korean couple did a prewedding photoshoot session in Ubud, Bali. Photo session was not only located at Hangin Garden of Bali, I also took them to explore the beautiful Bali nature. Strolling the beautiful rice fields in Canggu with its exotic beach, running on the seashore with waves lapping at their feet, and feel breeze, which was quite strong that day.

Today was cloudy all day, it drizzled a little bit and there was no sunset we could capture on the photos,that normally existed at every end of the photoshoot I made. But, that didn't make this couple stop smiling and they were amazed by the Bali nature and keep saying "gamsahabnida" over and over again to me and the crew. What a day! Thank you God, the photo session went well.

The Swee | Family Vacation in Canggu Beach

In outdoor I love to photographing people in natural light, make me easy to move and capture every beauty and candid moments. This family photo session is just gorgeous, The Swee came from Singapore and spent afternoon to do family photo session in Canggu Beach. A great beach to have playing with their son.
It's easy to finding the perfect spot for a family vacation in Bali. A place where you and your kids are comfortable, where the living is easy, where they have space to run and play.
this family photo session is just gorgeous
this family photo session is just gorgeous

Kim + An | Bali Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Who can deny, that Bali is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world? Perfect choice for couple An and Kim from South Korea, they just recently got married in their country and spent their honeymoon for few days in Bali.

That afternoon we visited them at where they stayed, Amarterra Villas & Spa Nusa Dua. We then explored Kuta from Poppies Lane, one of the legendary lanes in Kuta, to the Kuta beach watching its famous beautiful sunset. This was the end of the year, and tomorrow would be the new year's eve celebration. Kuta was very crowded, particularly the beach, just like the ocean of people. But, the sunset in Bali has always been the most romantic thing of all.

The eye of the god, melted at the west, leaving the scent of incense at every corner of every home. The night greets the Mantra Gayatri and the Canang Sari offering. 

Holiday Photography | Watson Family | Bali Family Photographer

Every year there are many Australians go to Bali for a vacation, even living here, Bali has been their second home. The Witson Family is one of them, Nicole contacted me after seeing her friend's photos who had a family photo shoot last month with me. How lucky and happy I am.

My clients often say, "how persevering and patient you are facing our babies and children, thank you for that". Yes, this is one of the challenges being a family photographer when having cute babies with their mood-swings. Children have different character, from the shy to free children with all their superhero actions. I love it, I love it all, love the different characteristics.

I am very challenged and enjoying the whole process of the photo shooting. I love this job, and even I don't really consider myself as working, instead, I am in trying to know each and everyone of them even in the short period. Happiness doesn't end when the photo session finishes, during the photo editing sometimes I smile watching their each of one's photo. Sometimes happiness is that simple.

Yang Family | Holiday Photography | Bali Sunset Beach

Bali is one of favorite places to have holiday with family. Like Esther and Ario a couple from Singapore, they often came to Bali to enjoy their vacation, but this time they came with their parents and beautiful daughter Mikaela. This is the first time for Mikaela to travel abroad with their parents, and she was so excited when stepping her little feet on the white sand in Kuta Beach for the first time. And here is the story of their holiday.