Rosa + Beom's Honeymoon Photo Shot in Kuta Beach

It was supposed to be rainy season this time of the year in Bali, but that afternoon the weather was very hot even some thick clouds clutching on few points in the Kuta sky. It was a very cozy photo session in that afternoon. I took Rosa and Boem stroll the crowded Poppies Lane, buying souvenirs, had some Bintang (the most famous local beer), and had some fun on the Kuta beach watching the sun setting on the horizon. It was another fun honeymoon photo session of a South Korean couple who would remember the beauty of Bali and the sweetness of their honeymoon.

Kwoh Family Holiday in Alila Villas Soori Bali | Vacation Photography

It's been a while since I had a photoshoot at Alila Villas Soori Bali and that afternoon I had a great time with Kwoh Family from Singapore. That afternoon it was cloudy and it rained when I was on the way to the location and it stopped as I reached the hotel. I was very lucky we spotted the sun few minutes before it was completely disappeared on the horizon, because most of them who want to have holiday photos would wish to have sunset as the background in their photo session.

The Garrod Family | Beach Lovers

I really love photo shoots of small families because they will make more fun and intimate pictures. It's easier for me to conduct every moment that's captured on image frame by frame. Yet it doesn't mean that photo sessions with larger family members will not make good pictures but if you don't direct it well the concentration will break,  considering my photo approach more into candid shots. More intimate snapshots.

Just like the Garrod family from Australia, how exciting photo session it was that day! Bianca was so excited when I gave her some balloons, while Rossa seemed to hesitate for a second to hold the balloons. They were so cute and the excitement gotten more exciting as I took them to Seminyak Beach.  They were hypnotized by the waves and the sand, bathing, sitting still waiting for the waves rush the seashore. They got all wet and covered with sand!  So much fun!
Family, beach and the sun are paradise!

Kvamme Family | Bali Snapshot | Maternity Photography

Kvamme family had a long trip in Bali, during their vacation they made their time to do a photo session at a villa where they were staying in Canggu area, Bali. Belinda was expecting their second child and a day after the photo session, they celebrated the 50th birthday of Mr. Kvamme, the head of the Kvamme family.

I got so enthusiastic! It was great to take their family pictures, and it had been a while since I did a maternity photoshoots. Here are some of their snapshots.

Jim + Hyora | Romantic Tropical Honeymoon Destination | Bali Photography

They were celebrating their first wedding anniversary in Bali and this was their first experience in Bali for vacation, an island that's also called Island of the Thousand Temples.

Jim loved making jokes, he liked acting funny and often made his wife and I laughed. They were really enjoying the photo session that afternoon. Although I was little bit worried by the unpredictable weather change lately, where it could rain suddenly. Yet, in the of the photo session, the closure was the sweet sunset with a little bit of clouds hanging in the sky, it made that afternoon prettier. I feel Bali seems romantic when the sun is rising and when the sun is setting. It is magical and glorious, don't you agree with me?