September 11, 2014

Gupta Family

As the waving palm trees by the breezy wind with the freshness of the morning, I saw them still at the dining table having breakfast.

They were staying at a villa in the deep of Ubud, in the middle of the quiet and green village of Lod Tunduh. The view was the spread of young, newly planted, rice fields. The rice plants were still short and light green. Once in a while a farmer walked in the fields with his farming tools.
A perfect place for a family vacation, away from the noise of traffics and the tourists current that packed Bali.

August 16, 2014

Bridge Family

In the beginning it was only family of Alex with her husband and their daughter, but then closer to the family photo shot day Alex’s husband Andrew had his family coming and would like to join us on photo session. The Bridge family has all come together and make one complete family in that afternoon at Intercontinental Resort Bali.

It was sunny day but the clouds hide the sun on the horizon, so it didn’t make the perfect sunset. But the most important part on that photo session is laughter and cheers that they have. Alex’s brother in low, David, loves to tease his niece Eden and she would just laugh so cheerfully and cute.
I will never forget when Alex told me that she treasure this moment forever.

August 4, 2014

Karamoy Family I Rimba Jimbaran

Lebaran dan liburan, dua kata yang tak terpisahkan bagi orang Indonesia, ini menjadi liburan yang panjang setiap tahunnya, waktu yang tepat untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga atau dengan orang-orang yang mereka cintai.

Seperti Keluarga Karamoy yang datang dari Jakarta, melakukan liburan Lebaran mereka di Rimba Jimbaran Hotel, Bali. Siang itu saya dapati mereka duduk-duduk menikmati waktu santai di taman hotel. Adalah Maika, sikecil yang terlihat lucu, selalu berujar tentang pantai, pantai siapa yang tidak suka kepantai tapi matahari terlalu terik siang itu.

Tidak seperti liburan mereka yang panjang di Bali, saya selalu merasa kekurangan waktu untuk mengabadikan moments candid kebersamaan, keceriaan dan kedekatan sebuah family, waktu terasa singkat dan senja menjelang sangat cepat.

July 24, 2014

Teesdale Family

They were picked up in the early morning in Pat-Mase Villas Bali to see the sunrise at Nusa Dua Beach, to fight the sleepiness and not to mention the strong wind that was so cold. But the cheer of Seth and Kane the sons of Teesdale's was just starting when the sun came up to the shine. Kids will be kids, they do what they want to have some fun, so just go with the flow and let them be happy bro...

July 7, 2014

Imelda + Glenn | Maluku PostWedding Photography

Dua hari setelah pernikahan mereka digelar Imee dan Glenn berkenan melakukan sesi foto post-wedding di beberapa lokasi menarik di Ambon, Maluku. Ini untuk pertama kalinya saya datang ke Ambon dan ternyata Ambon memang indah...

Actually, this post wedding photo session was more to be like post wedding photo tour. It took about more than an hour from Ambon to Liang Beach which it was located in the North Maluku. It was the main road to the Liang Beach , a beach that was so beautiful,  but the you could also find interesting places along the way. All these places were perfect to take as photo shoot locations , it would be pity to miss them. So, here are the pictures from that crossing the province tour photo.
Note: please click the picture to see bigger image.