Goh Family | Bali Family Traveling Photography

Two days in a row we had family photosession at Kubu Beach, Ayana Resort Bali. If before I had a family from Hong Kong, this time I had a family traveling from Pangkal Pinang, Goh Family that was also having a great vacation in Bali at Rimba Jimbaran to be exact.

Their daughter Cleo seemed as if she never ran out of energy, running around in the park and beach during the photo session. It was tiring but it was so much fun.

The Cheung | Family Vacation Photography | Ayana Resort Bali

During attending some friends wedding at Ayana Resort as well as having a vacation in Bali, Mrs. Cheung and family took a bit of moment for a family photo session in that bright afternoon. In the beginning Neo, their only child seemed sleepy, but the cheer of that afternoon made him excited.

I like it when my clients can enjoy their photo sessions with their own way, all becomes natural and camera captures the natural motions, cheer, laughter, and the touch of parents love for their children. That's how I capture the family photo session, but of course there will be pose directions I give to have the most-out-of-it results. Clients are happy, I am happy and everyone is happy.

Tahee + Jean | Jimbaran Prewedding Photo Session

Blue Point Villas Bali felt so hot that high-noon. This was for the first time I took pictures of prewedding photo session for soon-to-wed couple in the middle of the day where the sun is at its peak! Pheew!

Tahee and Jean was the couple from Korea, staying at Blue Point, one of the hill areas of Jimbaran that is famous for the beauty of Suluban Beach and the base of the surfers that many of them chose to stay there.  Many excitement on this time prewedding photo session, they really enjoyed it everything went smoothly and so much fun. Although they didn't want the sunset but they looked so happy and satisfied , despite they had to go back soaked wet over the wave that splashed them.

Jeremie + Marie Honeymoon in Ubud | Bali Holiday Photography

France, who doesn't want to go there? I'm not an exception, yet meanwhile, before  my dream comes true to go to France, I had visitors, a lovebird couple from there!  Mr and Mrs. Romuald, they were on their honeymoon in Ubud , and all this week they wanted to spend their time going around to explore Bali more.

Early morning we were trekking down the rice fields along the small path, watching the sun that left a little bit of yellow brush in the sky behind the lush of green trees,  on the east side of Tegallalang terrace rice field, meanwhile we chatted the morning and I was also asking them about their love story . As the dews were drying out, the farmers began to come yo work on their fields. We ended the short morning photo session that we had  as the sun got higher and higher. What a lovely couple.

Keluarga Wijaya | Fotografi Liburan Bali

Tak ada yang lebih menyenangkan liburan sambil kumpul bersama keluarga tercinta, menikmati waktu berkualitas dan saat-saat seperti ini selayaknya Anda menyewa jasa fotografer lokal untuk mengabadikan moment indah Anda. Seperti yang dilakukan keluarga Wijaya dari Bogor yang berlibur di Bali. Karena mereka menginap di The Mulia Hotel Nusa Dua jadi kami keliling hotel untuk mendapatkan titik-titik menarik untuk dijadikan latar belakang foto keluarga mereka. 
Cuaca mendung sepanjang sesi foto menariknya kami mendapati beberapa orang Bali sedang melakukan ritual upacara di tepi pantai, namun sayangnya ternyata upacara sudah di ujung acara jadi tak banyak yang bisa kami lihat dan abadikan. Sesi foto berakhir mengingat si bungsu sudah terlihat lelah dan sedari tadi menanyakan kunci kamar :D