July 24, 2014

Teesdale Family

They were picked up in the early morning in Pat-Mase Villas Bali to see the sunrise at Nusa Dua Beach, to fight the sleepiness and not to mention the strong wind that was so cold. But the cheer of Seth and Kane the sons of Teesdale's was just starting when the sun came up to the shine. Kids will be kids, they do what they want to have some fun, so just go with the flow and let them be happy bro...

July 7, 2014

Imelda + Glenn | Maluku PostWedding Photography

Dua hari setelah pernikahan mereka digelar Imee dan Glenn berkenan melakukan sesi foto post-wedding di beberapa lokasi menarik di Ambon, Maluku. Ini untuk pertama kalinya saya datang ke Ambon dan ternyata Ambon memang indah...

Actually, this post wedding photo session was more to be like post wedding photo tour. It took about more than an hour from Ambon to Liang Beach which it was located in the North Maluku. It was the main road to the Liang Beach , a beach that was so beautiful,  but the you could also find interesting places along the way. All these places were perfect to take as photo shoot locations , it would be pity to miss them. So, here are the pictures from that crossing the province tour photo.
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July 2, 2014

The Teo Family

This wasn't just an ordinary family holiday, Teo Family came from Singapore they had several day holiday in Bali. They were staying at Ayana Resort and spent the afternoon activity on Kubu Beach. Terrence and his wife Belle took their a year old baby boy Teddy, to see a beach for the first time!. Teddy was so interested with the beach he was very excited when his tiny feet stepped in the sand, and when the water rushed to the shore with its sea foam, he looked so amazed as if he was in a wonderland.

At first I thought he would get scared as many children at his age, as it happened few times to my previous clients' children they preferred to avoid the beach, while Teddy was so brave and really enjoyed that moment. This Saturday afternoon was filled with laughter, Teo Family had a wonderful time together and a beautiful sunset sealed the day.

June 30, 2014

The Limsico Family

Pauline and her husband Max decided to do family photo session  at a green restaurant next to the rice field called D'Sawah. Although that day there was no rice planted on that rice field because it just had been harvested. People would never guess that it was located in Seminyak area because it looked as if it was in Ubud. 

It was a bright afternoon but it was a bit windy as the weather in Bali had been lately and normally people in Bali would take this season to raise up their kites. The months of June - July are the months of kites, even there are annual events such as International Kite Festival, where you can see traditional Balinese kites either vary creations of modern kites.

While Pauline had her daughter Nina on her lap, Sebastian Limsico was busy playing with his toy train, every once in a while looking up the tiny kites flying all over the sky yet he was running around with his father on the green grass yard.
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June 23, 2014

The Foo Family

Another family from Singapore, Foo Family. They had a long holiday and spent it in Seminyak, Bali. The photo session was held in the afternoon on Petitenget Beach and it was only 10 minutes away from The Layar , the hotel they were staying. Apparently three of their children really loved beaches and while they were there they waited for the wave and play with the roles and splash and was much more exciting than just sit and play with the sand. But the little one, he didn't want to be anywhere else but to be in Daddy's arms.