Balinese Wedding Toetde + Putri ( Meminang )

September was a good day (Dewasa Ayu) for the people of Bali's wedding, a peak occurred on 9 September, probably around 100 pairs of the bride were married in Bali was a good day. Including the wedding of my friends who is a photographer, married his beloved wife in the two sequence customary procession of events in Bali. First Memadik (engagement), which took place on September 6 last, and then called a wedding or Pawiwahan (in Bali) was held on September 9, three days ago after the event, Memadik (engagement).

I am very proud to be trusted to capture beautiful memories in their lives, a marriage that once their lifetime, I think. Although there are no outcry atmosphere but happiness visible on the face of the groom and both families.

Here are some candid moments of happy photos of their ceremony took place, may well pleased, enjoy...