Wedding Danielle + Roger

Australian wedding couple apparently is already a very frequent visitor to Bali, because they have families do business in Indonesia and Bali is second home for their families.

This marriage took place at Hotel Kayana Bali, the hotel is minimalist but very beautiful concept. I was asked by the hotel management to handle the photo documentation of this happy wedding. It was nice to be trusted to be photographer to capture beautiful moments of the wedding couple. Although the weather was overcast and rain could not necessarily eliminate the happiness of the couple Danielle and Roger.

The unique wedding is that there is a Balinese-style blessing session called Pawidi-widana or Pawiwahan, the groom and they family really enjoyed the ritual for the Balinese ritual, Danielle is always smiling and Roger looks a little nervous, occasional sounds of laughter when the ceremony took place , very happy.
Here are some candid and photojournalism moments of their wedding, enjoy ...