Ong Family

Never imagined before by me, will cover a family vacation as much as 48 family members, it is a new record for me. The challenge is very hard to capture moments of their happy vacation in Bali island with as many family members, but it makes me more encouraged to produce a good photograph.

The family photo shot comes from my friend,he is a photographer also, Tueka (, thanks bro ...).

He has entrusted the candid family photos to me,it was nice to have been entrusted.
Divided into three sessions of the photo, the first picture together on the beach hotel where they stayed then proceed to the place they had lunch together and the last session in the playground of children, here I could more freely to capture children's activities and of course a fun and enjoyable .

Who the next family I will capture their wonderful holiday in Bali? Could your family? Come on holiday to Bali and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bali island. Enjoy...